Monday, 29 August 2011

EPL Match Day 3

Manchester utd 8-2 Arsenal.

Battered. Thrashed. Destroyed. But most of all, humiliated. That is the only way to describe how it felt yesterday to be an Arsenal fan. A day when we suffered our heaviest defeat under Arsene Wenger. Where we conceded 8 goals for the first time in over 100 YEARS. A day when Arsenal football club had its trousers pulled down in front of the world and was rogered for a full 90 minutes (plus stoppage time).

Rather than focussing on the specifics of the match, lets face it, 7 billion people the world over have seen the goals now, I would prefer to focus on the whys, the hows and the where to from heres, starting firstly with the team.

I'm not going to jump on the Wenger "we had a young team" bandwagon. Look at the average ages of the teams: Manchester United; 23 Arsenal; 23.6. So there goes that theory straight away. yes our team was young, but theirs was younger. So why was it better? Simple. The young players at United all have Premier League experience, David De Gea excepted. Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Johnny Evans, Ashley Young, Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck all had at least a season of top level experience and that list didnt even include the "older" Nani, Rooney and Anderson, three players with a wealth of premier league experience already. Add on top Patrice Evra and you have the perfect balance between youth and maturity, old and young. They were able to bring on Giggs, Hernandez and Park. They could have also called upon Ferdinand, Berbatov and Fabio. A truly impressive matchday squad.

Arsenals on the other hand was a complete shambles. Carl Jenkinson gave it his all, although he was woefully out of his depth, Armand Traore was immensly poor, and Francis Cocquelin has no business being on a premier league pitch yet, let alone the pitch at Old Trafford. The experienced heads of Tomas Rosicky and Andriy Arshavin were so poor, so pathetic, they might as well have not been on the pitch. Laurent Koscielny and Johann Djourou both have enough experience between them to be able to marshall a defence better than they did yesterday. Yet the pair looked like they hadn't even met each other before, let alone played football together. They were a total disgrace. Aaron Ramsey has no reason to hang his head, he was left woefully exposed in the middle of the park for the entire match, While Robin Van Persie and Theo Walcott also can carry the tiniest amount of pride from the match, having both scored. Although the captain did miss a penalty when the score was still only 1-0. I cant say that it was a game changing miss though. And once again, Woijech Szczesny was Arsenals hero. I've said it before this season, the man will be amazing. The fact that it was only 8 is singly down to the Polish stopper.

And what do we get from Arsene Wenger as a response? The same Typical retort about how new signings are not always the answer. Well guess what Arsene. They are. When the squad is as poor, as weak and as low in numbers as ours clearly is, then signings are most definitely the answer. You only have to take one look at our bench to know that. Fabianski, Chamakh, Chamberlain, Lansbury, Sunu, Ozyakup and Miquel. When you pair this up against the United subs that were shown earlier, only one word comes to mind. Pathetic. There is no way that these players should be left to bear the brunt of the press backlash because it is not their fault that their manager seems incapable of bringing in some new, experienced players in the same key areas that football fans the world over have been telling him we need. Fans who don't get paid the same money he does, but have had to put up with the same rubbish excuses and the same tosh on the field for far too long.

The worst sight in my time supporting Arsenal.
Ok so we have injuries. So did United. We had Suspensions. So what? we should have had the strength in depth to have been able to combat these issues, but due to the account, we havent bought anyone of note yet, whereas Alex Ferguson had all of his business done in the first couple of weeks of the transfer window. Although to be fair we have made a couple of bids. £6 million for Gary Cahill, an offer that was described as "not even derisory" by Bolton and £10 million for Jagielka, £2million less than last year. What a joke. You can not buy world class defenders for peanuts, so why bother trying? I'll tell you why, so that Monsieur Wenger can say "well er, we made some bids but er, they were not accepted. But I er, have full faith in my squad of players that I have now". Not good Enough Arsene!

So where to from here? Simple. New signings. We have two days and at least £50 million pounds to spend. Apparently we are signing another striker, called Park. ok, we dont need another striker but its a fresh face. We have been linked with Benayoun today. Excellent, he's experienced and has a touch of guile, just what we need right now. How about going £10 million for Parker? Over the odds but it should secure him. And please, please please offer £20 million pounds for both Cahill and Jagielka. You may think it is over the odds but WE NEED THESE PLAYERS. Just buy them and let the board worry about the funds.

There are two plus sides however. Firstly we now have a two week break. Time to get players fit again is exactly what we need. But best of all? No matter how bad we think things are, we can always look below us in the league and see that Tottenham Hotspur are still below us. Happy days.

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