Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Book Of Exodus: Chapter 1; Gael Clichy

As I expressed in a previous blog, Gael Clichy wanted to leave Arsenal this summer, and his wish has come true. However, This is not going to be a bitter rant about how our top players are all leaving the club. Well, not just yet anyway.

I would like to start by thanking Gael. At the club for eight years, he was also the last standing member of the much fabled "invincibles" and therefore, the last remaining league title winner we had in our squad. Having joined the club at the tender age of 17 and continued to improve year upon year under the guidance of Arsene Wenger, even breaking in to the France International team.

Gael has quite easily become one of the best left backs in world football and there is no doubt that Manchester City are getting one hell of a player. I can only hope that he was able to pass on some of his knowledge on  to young Keiran Gibbs. Good luck Gael.

Gael Clichy, the last of the invincibles
Now, on to the negative side of all of this. Clichy has said that he has joined City because he wants to win trophies. Well, you have gone to a club who has won only one trophy in the past 30 years, their best player, their talisman Carlos Tevez is desperate to leave, albeit for personal reasons, and if there is the predicted influx of more big name signings, the how long will it take for the new look squad to gel?

Furthermore, what is the need to criticise the club that has nurtured you, encouraged you and helped you to improve every year for the last eight years of your career? Surely you should leave with good grace and gratitude, thanking Arsenal for helping you to win whatever few pieces of silverware that you have.

So mini rant over, I do genuinely wish Gael all the best with his new club, although i hope is best at Eastlands isnt as good as what we have witnessed at the Emirates and of course, Highbury.

I fully expect there to be a chapter 2 of my book of Exodus very shortly, now doubt featuring either Samir Nasri or Cesc Fabregas, so watch this space.

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