Saturday, 25 June 2011

An Offer We Can Refuse

This week Barcelona finally opened the bidding for Cesc Fabregas with a tidy offer of £27 million. Now, call me cynical, but if a player like Jordan Henderson is worth £20 million, how on earth can El Capitan be worth only £7 million more? Cesc is a World Cup and European Championship winner, had played over 150 games in the premier league as a teenager and has become one of the worlds best players. Henderson hasn't actually achieved anything yet.

Maybe the Henderson valuation is based on the fact that he is young English talent which, as we already know, is always way over valued. Maybe we also have to admire the Barca approach here. Rather than paying way over the odds at the start, they have begun with a small bid which will no doubt increase anyway. There is no harm in testing the waters as it were. Perhaps Manchester City and Chelsea could learn a thing or two from this method rather than throwing cash around at the latest flavour of the month. £50 million for Torres and a reported £27 million for Edin Dzeko come to mind...

On a complete side note to all of this, Arsenal FC once again proved this week that they are streets ahead of other premier league clubs when it comes to staying in touch with their fans. As you will recall, I previously had a minor moan about not being sent my new home shirt on time. However, this week I received a letter from the man in charge of home shopping at Arsenal, issuing a full and frank apology for the late delivery and offering me a full refund. Needless to say, i was absolutely delighted at this unexpected gesture, so thankyou very much Arsenal FC, a club full of class.

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