Thursday, 9 June 2011

Don't forget your change Mr Wenger

Jordan Henderson          Sunderland-Liverpool          £20,000,000
Phil Jones                       Blackburn-Man Utd            £16,500,000
Carl Jenkinson (who?)    Charlton-Arsenal                 £1,000,000

What we see here ladies and gentlemen, is evidence of an Arsene Wenger spending spree, a true splashing of the cash. Having been promised that millions would be spent on world class players, we get a Finland U21 international who has only played a few times for his club. Bravo. Meanwhile, the current champions and Liverpool are both throwing notes around like Ryan Giggs throws his phone number around on a night out (sue me). Oh well, there's still the rest of the summer to look forward too :/
On a seperate note, a month ago I pre ordered my brand new home shirt, to be ordered first thing this morning. I slept through the delivery so had to wait even longer than originally planned but, on collection and having got it home, I unwrapped the package quicker than Ryan Giggs unwraps his sister in law (probably should lay off giggsy now). Imagine my shock, disappointment, and near tears as I discovered not my shiny new red and white shirt, but a pair of five year olds football socks and some Samir Nasri shorts. Anger and rage literally filled the air but, a breif phone call later and, fingers crossed, my shirt will be arriving tomorrow. Still, I cant help but wonder if this is what happened this week in the transfer market for Arsenal. We put in a good bid for a decent player, but there was a mix up and we ended up with a player that was meant to be headed to somewhere like Southend (no disrespect) whilst our player ends up the Premier League champions. Unlikely I know, but it's something to cling to I guess

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