Sunday, 7 August 2011

Setting The Club To Rights

Firstly I feel I should issue an apology. I didnt write any match reviews from the Emirates cup and I will not be writing one from the Eusebio cup match against Benfica for one simple reason. I will justr be repeating myself. Time and Time again I have told of how defensive frailties have cost Arsenal matches throughout pre-season and in my review of last season and I have finally had enough.

Now, I could forgive this if Mr Wenger had made some steps to cureing what is effectively terminal problem for the club, a definite achilles heel. However, this close season has been one of the most disappointing and frankly embarrasing close seasons that I can remember. For all of the bravado about how much money there is to spend, all the talk of the players we have been linked with and all the hot air from the executives telling us this will be a busy transfer period , we have one new wide man and one new young right back. Quite frankly, this is not good enough.

Last sunday, after the draw against New York Red Bulls, I heard the team get booed off the pitch. A sound that I never thought I would hear, but yet I fully expected because, for the third time in two days, our defensive deficiencies had cost us goals, points, and ultimately, our own trophy and I aswell as every other Arsenal fan has finally had enough. Sebastien Squillaci is a useless donkey. Laurent Koscielny is a total liability and Johann Djourou is just not good enough. All this just serves to undermine the brilliant Thomas Vermaelen and also any goalkeeper we have. SORT IT NOW!!!

The other issues that I am certain all gooners are fed up with are the ongoing transfer sagas involving Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri. Neither wants to be at the club any more and quite frankly, we dont want them if they dont want to wear the shirt. We have already missed out on Juan Mata because Wenger was too ignorant to snap him up, choosing to wait and see if Barca would pay up for Cesc before making a move, and I am sure that it could cost us more. There is already money to spend, why wait for more to come in? Any extra money we get from the sales of Nasri and Cesc (possible £50-60 million) should be spent IMMEDIATELY. We could have 5,6,7 decent signings with that money.

To compound the misery that has been an Arsenal summer, we draw Udinese in our champions league qualifier and the way things are, I cant see us winning the tie. If the worst comes to the worst and we end up on thursday nights on channel 5, it may well be time to relieve Arsene Wenger of his duties and replace him, or at least bring in a strong number two. Someone who is prepared to say no, there is another way. Or someone to make him take notice of our problems and go on to solve them. However, he is basically bulletproof at Arsenal so I cant see this happening.

So there we have it. One week away from the season curtain being raised and we have more questions than answers. I will be approaching the game with Newcastle with immense trepidation and I will not be surprised if we leave the game with nothing. However, who else could pull out an incredible performance against all the odds other than Arsenal FC?

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